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Welcome to the Circus Guide Entertainment!

Are you planning a big event? Are you looking to hire circus performers to amaze your audience? Look no further! The Circus Guide Entertainment Agency has every circus act you could possibly imagine. With literally thousands of international specialty and circus acts for hire on our books, our circus agency is sure to find you the perfect circus show with the wow factor you're looking for.

Circus Agency
and Corporate Entertainment

The Circus Guide Entertainment Agency has extensive experience casting variety and circus artists for a wide variety of entertainment needs including TV shows, theatrcial productions, cruise ships, variety shows, corporate entertainment, and of course circuses. Not only do we represent the very best of the circus and variety world, but we also provide musicians, singers, and dancers. And should you need more than just individual circus acts, we can also provide unique cirque-like shows and theatrical productions tailored to your exact requirements. With experience in act and show production, whether you need complete planning or just a special touch for your event, the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency team are the perfect consultants for a truly memorable performance. Put yourself in our capable hands, and let us show you and your guests the best talent on offer today.

Solo Acts, Shows, Commercial Dancers and Corporate Entertainers

A spectacular showcase of the talent we offer to our clients. Everything from corporate entertainment solutions, to circus acts for hire, commercial dancers, and theatrical productions. Among our satisfied clients you can find Celebrity Cruises, BMW, Ferrari World, Costa Cruises, Circo Massimo, and MSC Cruises just to name a few.

  • About the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency Directors 

    Circus Guide Entertainment AgencyFounded in 2007 by Vladimir Tatarchuk and Joanna Nagle-McMenaminCircus Guide Entertainment Pty Ltd operates out of Ukraine and Australia, where the company is officially registered, representing circus artists, fully produced shows, dancers and specialty acts world-wide.

    As a member of the Ukrainian national team Vladimir Tatarchuk competed at the highest levels of sports acrobatics and attained the status of “International Master of Sport’. He has performed acrobatics in banquine troupes, as well as in a men’s acrobatic duo and a mixed adagio pair.

    During their artistic career, Vladimir and Joanna created a range of circus acts including an acrobatic adagio, static and flying silks, aerial ring, and trapeze. 

    "With experience in act and show production, whether you need complete planning or just a special touch for your event, the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency team are the perfect consultants for a truly memorable performance."

    Circus Guide Entertainment Agency

    A classically trainer dancer, Joanna worked professionally around the world including at the famed ‘Moulin Rouge’ in Paris, and the ‘Friedrichstadt Palast’ in Berlin. As an aerialist and vocalist she created singing aerial acts on silks and trapeze. 

    A major strength lies in our communication skills. Between us we speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and German which largely eliminates any language barriers. We oversee the entire process from the effective selection of artists and the conducting of negotiations for our clients, to the signing of contracts and the assisting of artists with collection of all relevant documents needed to begin their employment. 

    Beyond casting artists for shows, our services also extend into the realms of show production, choreography, and artist management on location during the creation process. We are proud to carry with us our rich stage experience and creativity into the production/management side of show business.

    Our working knowledge of the entertainment industry as both artists and talent agents puts us in an excellent position to fully understand and fulfill the needs of all our clients. Since the foundation of the company, a highly successful marketing strategy has allowed us to built up a solid client base of production companies, circuses, and event companies across the world.

    Services We Provide

    Whether it be a multi-million dollar production or a small budget event, our ever expanding artist database contains thousands of high quality corporate performers, circus acts, dancers and complete shows from around the world, ensuring the perfect artist selection for any employer's needs.

    We Provide:

    • Large talent database
    • High class artists
    • Casting Calls
    • Creative consultation
    • Act and show creation
    • Efficient employer/artist communications 
    • Assisting artists with collection of documents prior to employment
    • Artist management on show location
    • Choreography
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  • Circus Acts for Hire!

    With every possible circus discipline you can imagine, our circus agency database is always being updated and expanded. Everything from group circus acts, to solo circus performers, aerialists, exotic Mongolian contortionists, crazy circus artists from Russia, China and Africa, hot latino circus shows, and of course Canadian cirque.

    This and much more can be found here in our circus agency entertainer database. If you’re looking to hire circus or specialty acts, then this is definitely the place to search for inspiration! 

      • Pole Acts & Perch Acts

        Pole Acts & Perch ActsChinese Pole is a vertical pole on which circus artists climb, slide down, and hold poses. Our circus agency has a great selection of the finest Chinese pole acts, amazing perch acts, and sensual pole dancers. We are able to offer you individual circus artists as well as group performances from Africa and China, countries which traditionally perform this discipline, to Europe and Canada which have take the art in a more contemporary direction.

      • Wall Tramp & Trampoline Acts

        Wall Tramp & Trampoline ActsIn the early 1930s, George Nissen observed trapeze circus artists performing tricks when bouncing off the safety net. He made the first modern trampoline in his garage to reproduce this on a smaller scale and used it to help with his diving and tumbling activities. Today, trampolining is an Olympic sport as well as an exciting piece of circus apparatus. Used in conjunction with a wall, trampoline artists are able to use the trampoline bounce to...

      • Russian Bar Acts

        Russian Bar ActsRussian bar was first created by the Russian circus artist Alexander Moiseev, the circus genre of Russian barre consists of two bases (or porters), one at each end of the "barre", catapulting a "flyer" high into the air. The flexible bar is about 4 to 5 meters long, made of 2 or 3 pole vaults taped together. Our circus agency represents a majority of the Russian bar artists performing this spectacular and death defying act in the world today,...

      • Cyr Wheel & German Wheel Acts

        Cyr Wheel & German Wheel ActsThese two spinning and rolling disciplines; Cyr Wheel and German Wheel, entertain audiences with not only the sheer size of the apparatus, but also the speed with which they can eat up the stage. Cyr Wheel Act (also known as the Roue Cyr, wheel of Cyr, mono wheel, or simple wheel) is today one of the most modern and unique circus disciplines. Talented circus artists manage to turn work with this apparatus into the breathtaking wheel routines...

      • Teeterboard Acts

        Teeterboard Acts It looks like a playground see saw, but the Teeterboard Act or Korean Plank, as it is also known, is anything but child's play. The strongest of teeter boards are made of oak and are used to catapult fearless acrobats high into the air while they somersault, twist and fly. One of the most spectacular circus acts, the teeterboard act is performed by a minimum of two circus performers right up to large teeter board groups. Our circus agency...

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  • Circus Act Library

    If you’re fan of circus and variety, and love to watch circus performers in your free time, then our act library is the place to be. We are the ultimate circus act collectors... 

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  • Circus Guide Entertainment Agency Blog

    We often have stories to share, and tips to give. Read here all about award winning festival circus acts, or the latest news from the international circus festival circuit. Get to know our circus artists or read some great tips on how to become a better circus performer. We do our best to keep it fresh! 

      • Introducing the Circus Guide Entertainment Gallery

        Circus Guide Entertainment GalleryWe at the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency are introducing a new tool which will help our clients to research and select multiple circus acts, shows, and entertainers for corporate events based on act image presentations. We know that sitting down and researching videos can sometimes be time consuming due to the sheer volume of entertainers in...

      • Multi-Skilled Male Aerial Contortionist

        Multiskilled Male Aerial PerformerDaniel’s remarkable talent was apparent from a young age. His early performance experiences representing his local dance studio as an acrobat and contortionist in regional dance festivals spurred him on to further his training in the Performing Arts. In 2003 he completed a Bachelor of Circus Arts from Australia’s National Institute of Circus Arts...

      • International Circus Festival City of Figueres

        International Circus Festival City of FigueresThe¬†3rd¬†International Circus Festival City of Figueres(Festival¬†Internacional¬†del¬†Circ¬†Ciutat¬†de¬†Figueres)¬†was held fr–ĺm the 20th to the 24th of February 2014 in Figueres, Spain. The uniqueness of the concept of this circus festival is in presenting circus performers, acts, and attractions never seen before in Europe. Circus Festival City of...

      • How to impress an entertainment agency with your email!

        Circus AgencyBased on our past experience as professional circus artists, we at the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency understand how difficult it can be for artists trying to make contact with entertainment agencies, theatres, circuses, and other possible employers. With this in mind, we decided to make this short tutorial for all circus performers wanting to join...

      • 1st International Circus Festival in Zhuhai

        1st International China Circus Festival in Zhuhai1st International Circus Festival in Zhuhai, China was held between November 20th and 25th, 2013, and was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and undertaken by the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government and the Guangdong Chimelong Group Co, Ltd.

      • Trampoline Team from Canada

        Trampoline TeamThe Circus Guide Agency presents spectacular trampoline wall act performed by the unusual combination of two girls and one boy. Transporting you back to the 1950's with good music, beautiful costumes and high level acrobatics, the three charismatic trampoline performers will amaze you! All three worked for the famous Cirque du Soleil, as well as...

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  • Performer Representation and Casting Calls

    Are you a professional circus performer, a commercial dancer, a specialty act, or even have your own show? Want to join our entertainment agency? Make sure you take a look at our artist representation and casting calls pages as well as how to impress entertainment agencies with your introductory email. We hope this will help all our entertainers to find better jobs and promote themselves in more productive ways.

    Always Looking for New Entertainers!
    • Acrobats (Duos, Trios & Groups)
    • Aerial Performers
    • Clowns, Comedians & Comedy Acts 
    • Contortionists & Contortion Groups
    • Equilibrists & Hand Stand Performers
    • Magic Acts & Illusionists 
    • Concert Performers, Vocalists & Opera Singers
    • Solo Dancers & Dance Collectives 
    • Impressionists & Ventriloquists
    • Ice Skaters & Ice Shows
    • Jugglers & Shape Manipulators 
    • Quick Change Acts 
    • Street Shows & Theatrical Productions
    • Wire Walkers & Big Circus Attractions

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