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International Circus Festival City of Figueres

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International Circus Festival City of Figueres

The¬†3rd¬†International Circus Festival City of Figueres (Festival¬†Internacional¬†del¬†Circ¬†Ciutat¬†de¬†Figueres)¬†was held fr–ĺm the 20th to the 24th of February 2014 in Figueres, Spain. The uniqueness of the concept of this circus festival is in presenting circus performers, acts, and attractions never seen before in Europe.

Circus Festival City of Figueres is one of the youngest among international circus festivals, but its organisation and unique concept makes it one of the most interesting ones in our opinion.

Held in a large tent with 2250 seating places, International Circus Festival City of Figueres has three different shows: Blue, Red and Gold, with the Gold show performed only by the award winning circus acts.

Overall, 10 prizes were awarded, with the winners being selected from 16 circus disciplines. 24 of the best international circus acts from around the world, including 75 circus performers from 14 different countries performed during the 5 day festival, amazing Spanish audiences and the guests of the city.

Located in the province of Catalonia - Figueres is a beautiful Spanish city; the economic and cultural capital of Alt Emporda, the heart of the Costa Brava region, and the most important tourist area of Catalonia. The population of forty-five thousand people, is the largest city near the border of France.

Festival Tent - A beautifully designed temporary structure with the capacity for 2.250 spectators, the festival tent is considered one of the most comfortable in Europe.

Located in the heart of the Figueres Fairgrounds, the circus tent of the festival presents a circular structure of 46 meters in diameter, a dome of 11 metres tall and a maximum height of 15 meters.

Director of the International Circus Festival

Genis Mataboch (born 1977)  founder and the director of the International Circus Festival City of Figueres, has a Bachelor of History of the Arts, as well as an International Degree in Administration and Conservation of the Patrimony from the Patrimony National Institute of Paris. Currently he is working on his doctorate at the University of Barcelona and is the president of the Circus Arts Foundation of Figueres.

Genis has been responsible in the past for the management of the touring shows of internationally recognised circus companies such as: Circus Raluy, Moscow Circus on Ice, National Circus of Cuba, Circus Medrano, Circus Imagine, etc. 

Genis usually can be seen as a the jury member of the main International Circus Festivals in Mexico, Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Hanoi (Vietnam), Saint Paul (France), La Habana (Cuba), WuQiao (China), Wuhan (China), Zhuhai (China), Massy (France).

Program of the circus festival:

Thursday, 20th February 2014

  • Blue Show. 8.30pm

Friday, 21st February 2014 

  • Red Show. 5.30pm, 9pm

 Saturday, 22nd February 2014

  • Blue Show. 12pm,¬†4.30pm,¬†9pm

Sunday, 23rd February 2014

  • Red Show.¬†11.30am,¬†¬†4pm,¬†7.30pm

Monday, 24th February 2014

  • Golden Show ‚Äď Awards Ceremony.¬†8.30pm

Among the competing performers for the main festival awards this year were circus acts from:

  • Solo Aerial Straps Act from Russia
  • Group Juggling Act from Russia
  • Contortion Group from Mongolia
  • Comedy Act from Ukraine
  • Hand to Hand Duo from Russia
  • Swinging Trapeze Act from Chile
  • Aerial Chain Act from Russia
  • Acrobatic Trio from Ukraine
  • Bounce Juggling Act from China
  • Solo Aerial Straps Act from Argentina
  • Fixed Ladder Act from Mexico
  • Aerial Straps Duo from China and USA
  • Diabolo Juggling Group¬†from China
  • Hand to Hand Acrobatic Trio¬†from Brasil
  • Acrobatic Group¬†from Philippines
  • Chinese Poles Act with trampoline¬†from China
  • High wire group¬†from Russia
  • Hand Stand Balancing Act¬†from Chile
  • Meteors Juggling troupe from China
  • Comedy Act from Chile
  • Aerial Straps Act with balancing from Vietnam
  • Double Korean voultige act from Russia
  • Solo Contortionist form United States
  • Ground Russian Swing act with the fixed high bar from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

Winners of the International Circus Festival City of Figueres

Inspired by Salvador Dalí’s Elephant, Golden, Silver and Bronze Elephants are the Official Prizes of the circus festival. Circus acts were evaluated by the members of an international circus jury made up of circus professionals. The 15 members of the Festival’s jury were divided in three sections based on five different profiles listed below.

This year the golden festival winners are: 

  1. First Golden Elephant prize went to Kai Cao, bounce juggler from China
  2. Second Golden Elephant prize went to the Group Diabolo Act from the Flag Circus, China
  3. Third Golden Elephant prize went to the circus troupe of the National Circus of Pyongyang, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, for performing their Ground Russian Swing act with the fixed high bar.
Awards and Judges of the Festival

Festival Judges and the Official Festival Awards - Under the guidance of the Jury’s President, a variety of distinguished personalities of the circus world meet: directors of some of the most well-known circuses and festivals. These five were responsible for the final decision in awarding the official trophies of the Festival: the gold, silver and bronze Dalí inspired Elephants. 

This year’s festival jury: Dmitry Ivanov (Russia), Thierry Outrilla (France), Lili Sun (China), Raoul Gibault (France), Bruno Laloye (France)
Award from the Critics

Jury members: Leendert Bedijn (Holland), Julio Revolledo (Mexico), Donald Stacey (England), Alessandro Serena (Italy), Aleksandr Rybkin (Russia). The 'Critical Jury’ was made up of five of the most important people of the circus world including circus researchers, analysts, editing managers of specialised circus magazines, and circus historians.

Aesthetics Award 

Jury members: Piet-Hein Out (Holland), Yvon Kervinio (France), Bertrand Guay (France), Patrick Jehl (France), Alvaro Castellano (Spain). Another original thing invented by the International Circus Festival City of Figueres is the vote of five bests photographers of the moment specialising in circus photography. Members of this jury values mainly the aesthetics and beauty of every circus act before granting their aesthetics award.

Public Choice Award

At the International Circus Festival City of Figueres each and every member of the audience able to vote for the acts of their choice, it’s done with the special vote card which is given at the entrance if the circus tent. Audience members can fill in the name of the act and place the voting card in one of the boxes located around the festival tent. This way, the public has it’s own opinion counted as well.

Special Awards Category

As well as the mentioned above awards, important circus organisations were also able give some of their own awards.

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