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Multi-Skilled Male Aerial Contortionist

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Multiskilled Male Aerial Performer

Daniel’s remarkable talent was apparent from a young age. His early performance experiences representing his local dance studio as an acrobat and contortionist in regional dance festivals spurred him on to further his training in the Performing Arts.

In 2003 he completed a Bachelor of Circus Arts from Australia‚Äôs National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne. Daniel began his professional career performing in many different corporate shows and events. This exposure led to him being chosen by Cirque Du Soleil for their development and production of ‚ÄúKA‚ÄĚ which is a permanent show in Las Vegas showing at the MGM Grand.

Since returning to Australia in 2007 Daniel has been coaching and sharing his knowledge with Australian students. His Australian performance credits include Aerial Acrobatics shows for corporate events produced by Showtech Australia, ‚Äė‚ÄôLive 08‚Äô‚Äô produced by Circa NICA, the opening of the Asia Pacific ‚Äė‚ÄôOut Games‚Äô‚Äô as well as a residency at DNA - Dance and Aerial Studios in Canberra with Choreographer Janine Ayres, developing and performing in the short work season ‚ÄúDistance 665‚ÄĚ 2008, Made in Canberra season, The House That Jack Built at The Street Theatre In 2009 and then Interwoven in 2009, Daniel has maintained a high profile in the industry while teaching full time by performing¬† nationally and abroad in corporate events for companies such as Circus Monoxide, Aerial Angels, JAAD Janine Ayres Aerial Dance, Lantern, Ministry of Dance, circaNICA and Urban Cirque where he performed aerial acrobatics for the opening of the Logie awards 2010.. Most recently Daniel was featured on channel 10‚Äôs show ‚ÄúEverybody Dance Now‚ÄĚ as a soloist and as part of Boylesque.


Daniel has all so been involved in a cultural exchange tour of Central America with the International Ballet Theatre (IBT) February 2009. The tour helped to raise much needed funds for children living with HIV. Since Coming home to Melbourne in 2009 from artist residency in Canberra Daniel has been busy developing a range of Boylesque club specific and corporate acts, Including Aerial hoop, silks, corde-lisse, static trapeze, dance trapeze, contortion and aerial net. Amongst this busy life 2012 saw Daniel co-create a full length contemporary circus show ‚ÄėIdle Hands‚ÄĚ with class mate and good friend Avan Whaite. Excitingly soon after Daniel and his aerial partner Leilisha Marning, presented their innovative duo hoop act in the Wuhan International Circus Festival in China in October 2012 attaining an excellence award. Leilisha and Daniel can be seen above the crowd performing their act once each month during summer as guest artists at Pacha @ the IVY in Sydney Australia. 2013 saw Daniel train for the International Pole Paradise Studio Aerial Performance Tournament in Hong Kong, where he won second¬†Place in the professional aerial silks category, following this result and most recently Dan competed in the Pole and Aerial All Stars Competition In Melbourne Australia a few months later in 2014, and won the Aerial All stars overall Champion award.


Professional Experience:

  • feb2004-nov2006¬†KA Cirque Du Soleil, ¬†MGM Grand Las Vegas contortion puppets Crab/Scorpion
  • 2002-04/2006-09¬†Market Night club, Melbourne, resident aerialist Aerial Silks and aerial hoop.
  • 2007¬†Telstra dome, ¬†Ethereal arts harness for Showtech Australia
  • 2007¬†Brocade Sonata, Melbourne, short and sweet festival directed by Megan Jones ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†
  • 2008¬†Opening ceremony Out games Asia pacific,¬† Melbourne duo aerial net with Kaleb Hawkins
  • 2008¬†AMWAY gala, ¬†¬†Melbourne harness Showtech Australia
  • 2008¬†HSBC Cirque du Soleil experience, ¬†Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Contortion solo
  • 2008¬†Arts ACT Funding, ¬†Creation and development of distance 665 JAAD
  • 2008-2010¬†DNA dance and Aerial Studios, Canberra Head Aerial coach. Ballet and Contemporary training
  • 2008,2010¬†Circalicious, Melbourne and Adelaide, solo silks, solo contortion, duo contortion with Zeb Hunter
  • 2008¬†Melbourne International Fringe festival The diary of Alexander Flemming.¬† Character, contortion act
  • 2009¬†International Ballet Theatre,¬† five central American countries, duo net, solo net, solo tissue, duo hoop
  • 2009¬†Come out youth festival,Adelaide¬† ¬†¬†¬†Circus monoxide and cirkidz, aerial silks and static trapeze
  • 2009,2010¬†Circus Monoxide ‚ÄúSuperb and Broken‚ÄĚ Aerial silks, Adagio and Static Trapeze
  • 2009¬†Janine Ayres Aerial Dance The House That Jack Built full length Aerial Dance theatre piece.
  • 2009¬†Urban Cirque¬† ¬†Geoffrey Edelsten‚Äôs Wedding to Brynne Gordon, feature act, aerial silks
  • 2010 Flexiflight Productions Adelaide fringe festival ‚Äúwhen3meet‚ÄĚ (Own production)
  • 2010¬†Janine Ayres Aerial Dance Flip-art festival, Canberra, aerial net and contemporary dance
  • 2010¬†Urban Cirque ¬†Aerial Silks For the Logies TV awards telecast internationally
  • 2010¬†Aerial Angels ¬†Mont Blanc ‚ÄúMetamorphous‚Ä̬† Beijing, aerial hammock and ¬†aerial hoop solos
  • 2011-2013¬†Red BenniesNight club Resident Aerial silks and aerial hoop soloist
  • 2011¬†Red Door Burlesque¬† Aerial hoop and aerial silks soloist
  • 2011¬†Catwalk Circus¬† L‚ÄôOreal fashion week ¬†¬†Aerial silks solo
  • 2011- Present¬†GH Hotel¬†¬† Resident Aerialist in ‚ÄúBoylesque.‚ÄĚ
  • 2012¬†Lantern Corp¬†¬†¬† Miss Pole Victoria guest performer solo aerial hoop
  • 2012 ¬†Intertwined¬† Excellence award, Wuhan International Acrobatic Arts Festival of China,Duo Aerial Hoop
  • 2012-2013¬†Ivy Complex¬† Pacha, Duo hoop¬† guest artists
  • 2012¬†Melbourne fringe festival ¬†Idle Hands full length show co-created with Avan Whaite, Ruben Zalme
  • 2012¬†Everybody Dance Now¬†¬† national TV show finalist in Boylesque
  • 2012¬†Crown Casino¬†¬† Aerial silks duo, choreographed in association with Jason Coleman ¬†ministry of dance ¬†
  • 2013¬†The FamousSpeigeltent¬† ¬†¬†Melbourne summer season Jason Coleman‚Äôs ‚ÄúDiamonds‚Ä̬†
  • 2013¬†Australian Grand Prix¬†¬†¬†¬† Opening event for Ferrari, Dance Trapeze feature act
  • 2013 Pole Paradise Studio Aerial performance tournament¬† Hong Kong second¬†place pro silks
  • 2014 Aerial All Stars Competition¬† Winner Aerial Champion

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