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  • Probably one of the coolest features of our Circus Guide Entertainment Agency website, the Circus Entertainment Gallery gives our clients and the general public the ability to see and research thousands of circus acts, shows, and speciality acts through our online entertainment image exhibition.

    It’s a new way and one of the best time saving tools in the search for that spectacular act you’re looking for. Go ahead, browse our entertainment galleries and select acts within a blink of an eye. 

    You’ll find it all here: Kung Fu Shows, UV Light and Neon Acts, Fire Dancers, Water Ballets (Synchronised Swimmers), Performers from Africa and Asia, Professional Theatrical Productions, tons of circus acts including acrobats, aerial performers, jugglers, beautiful contortion performers, wire walkers, circus clowns, magicians and much more. It's all here - trending, unique and unseen before entertainment!

  • The images presented here are displayed only for promotional purposes of artists, shows and circus entertainers who sent us their promo packages in order to promote their acts to a wider range of the possible clients the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency is affiliated with. Images presented here are not for resale or reuse for commercial purposes. We are not an image stock website. 

    All images presented here were scaled down and compressed from their original quality in order to fit web standard and guarantee best possible online user experience. Colours in the photographs can vary from the original quality depending on the colour settings of your display.

    If you have questions regarding the images displayed in the Circus Entertainment Gallery section of our website, we kindly ask you to contact us and discuss your issue, we’ll be glad to cooperate with you on any matter. 

    As the images were sent to us by the performers for the promotional purposes only, information about the venues and photographers this images were taken by wasn’t provided by the artists.

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Artist Representation

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